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John Deere has awarded OPTIBELT with the status of “Partner”

25. May 2016


As part of its international supplier evaluation “Achieving Excellence”, John Deere has awarded OPTIBELT with the status of “Partner” for the fourth time in a row – the highest accolade that the world’s leader in agricultural machinery has to bestow in its exacting evaluation process.

As part of the annual “Achieving Excellence” pro­cess, John Deere assesses its suppliers with regard to quality, delivery reliability, technical support, wavelength (relationships based on part­ner­ship) and cost management. The performance of its suppliers in these five core competencies is assessed by an interdisciplinary assessment team.

OPTIBELT clearly exceeded John Deere’s requirements in all categories, yet again, and was therefore awarded the status of “Partner” for the fourth time in succession. This is the highest of the four award categories that John Deere bestows on its suppliers in this exacting evaluation process and it brings special privileges.

With this “Partner” status, OPTIBELT continues to be one of the preferred suppliers of the world’s leading agricultural machinery specialist and also profits from a special position when it comes to the placement of new orders and development queries.

“This renewed commendation not only underlines John Deere’s high re­gard for us as a business partner, but also especially honours the ex­cep­tion­al overall performance of each of the relevant departments in our cor­po­rate group,” Reinhold Mühlbeyer, Chairman of the Managing Board of Arntz OPTIBELT Group, is pleased to report regarding this special recognition.