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18. March 2014


For the 2014 Football World Cup, OPTIBELT is running a special promotion on its innovative car repair sets for all automotive workshops throughout Germany. If you buy a total of ten optibelt KITS during the promotional period being held from 1 to 30 April 2014, you’ll receive a free World Cup Paper Kicker with a special OPTIBELT design. The sturdy Kicker can be assembled in just a few easy steps and ensures a great deal of fun during lunch breaks or after work.

For workshops, it is also the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with the high-quality repair sets by OPTIBELT. This is because optibelt KITS have already been tried and tested many times in practical situations: They prevent expensive engine damage quite effectively.

A repair set consists of an OPTIBELT drive belt, a guide idler pulley, as well as a tension pulley and a guide roller for each. According to requirements, a set with an additional water pump is also supplied. optibelt KITS have been developed to fulfil the highest of requirements and have been proven to achieve the best results with regard to performance and durability.

Participating workshops will therefore gain twice the benefit: Not only do you profit from a long-lasting safety package for drivers, but in the best way possible, the OPTIBELT Kicker enables you to set the proper mood amongst your friends and colleagues for the Football World Cup being held in Brazil. Taking part is indeed worthwhile!