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OPTIBELT sponsors the Maldonaldo team

What do rally drivers have in common with the engineers at OPTIBELT? More than you think: Both love great challenges and strive with great concentration to make even the smallest continuous improvements.

This is why OPTIBELT supports the spanish rally driver manuel maldonado, who has been active in spanish rally driving, with speed and skill, since the 1980s. As a private driver, maldonado has to get by without the generous budget of a works team, but has collected numerous titles, nonetheless.

He has won the andalusian rally Championship several times (most recently in 2014), has been the andalusian Hill Climb Champion and is a successful participant in WRC races.
Recently, maldonado has drifted along the ideal line in a Porsche 911 GT3 Carrera. reliably transmitting the power of a power-ful 400 hp six-cylinder engine with sequential gears to the road calls for absolutely reliable drive components. Team Maldonado

The maldonado Team and OPTIBELT: simply a winning combination.