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From tHe Beetle to the up!

Even the early VW Beetle had a V-belt from OPTIBELT under its hood. The replacement belt – delivered in series – turned out to be completely unnecessary: Even then, OPTIBELT’s original equipment satisfied all needs with its optimal quality.


optibelt FB

As early as 1950, VW already trusted the quality of OPTIBELT products. Running on just two pulleys, the V-belt optibelt FB provided the perfect drive.
Volkswagen’s new minicar up!, the Beetle’s legitimate successor, also hit the road with OPTIBELT inside: The elastic V-ribbed belt optibelt EPK was specially designed for the up!’s transverse front-mounted engine. The belt offers excellent performance in the most compact of spaces and works with both great energy efficiency and reduced noise properties even under the most extreme of conditions.


optibelt EPK

With its elastic and shape-retaining design, the V-ribbed belt optibelt EPK is the optimal drive solution for the compact VW up!’s unique drive geometry.